About: Categories

This page shows how OpenOUSD categorizes funding sources and program expenses for central programs so that the data is easier to navigate. Categorization is sometimes challenging, so we aim to be transparent about our approach, and we are always open to your suggestions for improvements.

OUSD receives money from over 250 sources. In expenditure data, each of those sources has what is called a resource code in the CA Department of Education’s Standard Accounting Code Structure (SACS). Most of these sources are state or federal programs, however there are also grants from local philanthropy, parcel taxes, bonds, and more. To make the information easier to digest at a glance, we’ve used the resource codes to group these sources into categories. You can use the table below to see how we’ve categorized all of funding sources for the school year.

Funding Sources
Build America Bond - Series 2009bBonds
Measure J - General Obligation Series 2015aBonds
Measure J General Obligation Series 2019aBonds
CA - General Obligation Bond Series 2016aBonds
ESSA: Title I, Part A, Basic Grants Low Income and NeglectedFederal
NCLB: Title I, School Improvement GrantFederal
ESSA: School Improvement FundingFederal
Special Ed: IDEA Local Assistance, Part B, Sec 611, Private School ISPsFederal
Special Ed: IDEA Local Assistance, Part B, Sec 611, Early Intervening ServicesFederal
Special Ed: IDEA Preschool Grants, Part B, Sec 619Federal
Special Ed: IDEA Part B, Sec 619, Preschool Grants Early Intervening ServicesFederal
Special Ed: IDEA Mental Health Allocation Plan, Part B, Sec 611Federal
Special Ed: IDEA Preschool Staff Development, Part B, Sec 619Federal
Special Ed: IDEA Early Intervention GrantsFederal
Special Ed: Alternative Dispute ResolutionFederal
Transition Partnership ProgramFederal
Perkins Career and Technical EducationFederal
ESSA: Title II, Part A, Supporting Effective InstructionFederal
NCLB: Title II, Part B, CA Mathematics and Science Partnerships (17-18)Federal
ESSA: Title IV, Part B, 21st Century Community Learning Centers ProgramFederal
ESSA: Title IV, Part A, Student Support and Academic EnrichmentFederal
ESSA: Title III, Immigrant Education ProgramFederal
Bilingual Education: Discretionary Grants, Title III (14-15)Federal
Indian Education Federal
Federal Child Care, Center-based, FCTR, FHUDFederal
Child Development Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSA) One-Time AB82Federal
Child Nutrition School ProgramFederal
Child Nutrition Covid Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES)Federal
Child Care Food Program (CCFP) and Meal ReimbursementsFederal
ESSA: Title IX, Part A, Homeless Assistance GrantsFederal
Medi-Cal Billing OptionFederal
Other FederalFederal
Healthy Oakland TeensFederal
Human Trafficking PreventionFederal
Full Service Community SchoolsFederal
Department of Justice (DOJ) Community Oriented Policing (COPS) School Violence Prevention ProgramFederal
General PurposeGeneral (Base)
GP Cost AvoidanceOther Revenue
Prop 39 Charter RepairsOther Revenue
Employees on LoanOther Revenue
Stale Dated WarrantsOther Revenue
Civic Center RentalOther Revenue
Facilitron RentOther Revenue
Charter School OfficeOther Revenue
All Other Local SourcesOther Revenue
Student Activity FundsOther Revenue
Live Scan FingerprintOther Revenue
SubsdiariesOther Revenue
Other Local ResourcesOther Revenue
Cross-Age Mentoring ProgramOther Revenue
Mitigation and Developer FeesOther Revenue
ELD Instruction ProgramOther Revenue
Risk Management AdministrativeOther Revenue
Workers' CompOther Revenue
Property & LiabilityOther Revenue
Dental Self-InsuredOther Revenue
City of OaklandOther Revenue
Staff Development FeesOther Revenue
SUMSOther Revenue
Rebate ProgramsOther Revenue
City of Oakland PEG fundsOther Revenue
City of LivermoreOther Revenue
Measure Y - City of OaklandOther Revenue
Rebates, Various OtherOther Revenue
FIRST 5 Alameda County (Prop 10)Other Revenue
OUSPD Traffic ViolationsOther Revenue
Altamont Education AdvisoryOther Revenue
Scribbles Software - TranscriptsOther Revenue
Refugee TransitionsOther Revenue
Restorative Justice FeesOther Revenue
Allt.Assessment Capstone ProjectOther Revenue
Measure G1 - Parcel TaxParcel Taxes
Measure N - Parcel TaxParcel Taxes
Measure G - Parcel TaxParcel Taxes
Wallace FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Oakland Public Education FundPhilanthropy / Grants
DONATIONSPhilanthropy / Grants
American Heart AssociationPhilanthropy / Grants
BECHTELPhilanthropy / Grants
Oppenheimer Family FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Walgreens GrantPhilanthropy / Grants
Oaklan Public Education Fund - OaklandUndividedPhilanthropy / Grants
San Francisco FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
California Collaborative for Educational ExcellencePhilanthropy / Grants
Stupski FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
East Bay Community FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
East Bay Community FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Philanthropic Ventures FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Walter & Elise Haas FundPhilanthropy / Grants
UCLAPhilanthropy / Grants
Supported Employment (SEMP) Mental Health / ACOEPhilanthropy / Grants
Music InstrumentsPhilanthropy / Grants
Southern Poverty Law CenterPhilanthropy / Grants
Silicon Valley FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
East Bay Community FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Oakland Fund Children & YouthPhilanthropy / Grants
Connect EDPhilanthropy / Grants
Casel Novo FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Stuart FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Alameda County Health Care ServicesPhilanthropy / Grants
AC Waste Management AuthorityPhilanthropy / Grants
The California EndowmentPhilanthropy / Grants
Rodgers Family FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Mr. October Foundation for KidsPhilanthropy / Grants
Atlantic PhilanthropiesPhilanthropy / Grants
Schusterman Family FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Alameda County Public Health - Health and WellnessPhilanthropy / Grants
New Teacher Center - Sidney FrankPhilanthropy / Grants
California Education PartnersPhilanthropy / Grants
Kaiser Health & Wellness w/EBCFPhilanthropy / Grants
Target CorporationPhilanthropy / Grants
Kenneth Rainin FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Kenneth Rainin FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Sirene S Scully Fam FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Packard FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Alameda County Unaccompanied Immigrant YouthPhilanthropy / Grants
Hellman FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Department of Justice PolicePhilanthropy / Grants
WestEdPhilanthropy / Grants
Mills Lesson Study ProjectPhilanthropy / Grants
SAP Career Ladders ProjectPhilanthropy / Grants
San Francisco FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Kenneth Rainin FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Middle School Athletics GrantPhilanthropy / Grants
Salesforce.OrgPhilanthropy / Grants
Intel CorperationPhilanthropy / Grants
Rodgers Family FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Oakland Ed Fund - AAGLSPhilanthropy / Grants
Peralta College FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
CODE.ORGPhilanthropy / Grants
Share Our StrengthPhilanthropy / Grants
BAPHR LGBTQ SupportPhilanthropy / Grants
General Mills FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Educate 78 -Asp.Pri.Prg.Philanthropy / Grants
Learning Policy InstitutePhilanthropy / Grants
MDRC GrantPhilanthropy / Grants
North Carolina StatePhilanthropy / Grants
PCY 360/365 GrantPhilanthropy / Grants
Workforce Development PlanPhilanthropy / Grants
Fremont Bank FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Rockefeller PhilanthropyPhilanthropy / Grants
Chiling Harmmer Education FundPhilanthropy / Grants
Tides FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
Golden State Worriors Community FoundationPhilanthropy / Grants
STEMPhilanthropy / Grants
Home & Hospital EducationState
Unrestricted AB1840State
Unrest TransportationState
SB39 State Loan DrawdownState
State LotteryState
Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief FundState
Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund II (ESSER II)State
Learning Loss Mitigation Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER)State
Learning Loss Mitigation CovidState
After School Education and Safety (ASES)State
After School Kids Code Grant Pilot ProgramState
Pre-K and Family Literacy SupportState
California State Preschool ProgramState
Lottery: Instructional MaterialsState
CA Partnership Academy (CTE): Riverside Community CollegeState
CA Partnership Academy: Green and Clean AcademiesState
Career Technical Education (CTE) Incentive Grant ProgramState
K12 Strong Workforce GrantState
Adult Education ProgramState
Special EducationState
Special Ed: Mental Health ServicesState
Special Ed: Infant Discretionary FundsState
Special Ed: Project WorkAbility I LEAState
Special Ed: Mental Health ServicesState
Tobacco-Use Prevention Education: Grades 6-12State
Tobacco-Use Prevention Education: Prop 56State
Child Nutrition State CovidState
Prop 47: Learning Communities for School Success Program GrantsState
Partnership Academies Program State
Classified School Employee Professional Development Block GrantState
SB 117 COVID-19State
Learning Loss Mitigation - General FundState
In-Person Instruction (IPI)State
Low-Performing Students Block GrantState
State School Facilities ProjectsState
Refugee Program Bureau - Newcomer Education and Well-BeingState
Early Literacy Support BlockState
Air Resources BoardState
POST Reimburse ProgramState
Ongoing & Major Maintenance AccountState
Supplemental SupportSupplemental & Concentration
School Site Approved AppealsSupplemental & Concentration
Central Office SupplementalSupplemental & Concentration