English Language Learner / Multilingual Achievement

The English Language Learner / Multilingual Achievement (ELLMA) team supports English Language Learners through training, held centrally and on-site, for teachers. It also supports language program design/implementation, and provides direct student services for newcomers, refugee/asylees, and unaccompanied minors.

Program Overview Table (2021-22)

Amount Spent
Change in spending from previous year▲ $189,642
Change in budget from previous year▲ $759,503
Over or under budget?Under by $1,150,012 (27.1%)
Total Positions15
Change in total positions from previous year▼ 5
Full time equivalent (FTE)13.7
Change in FTE from previous year▼ 5.1

Spending By Category (2021-22)

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Restricted funds must be used for specific purposes.

Unrestricted funds are more flexible.

Staff Positions (2021-22)

Number of Positions
Classroom TSA 11 Months8
Prog Mgr Newcomer & Refuge2
Spec Refugee/Asylee Prog2
Business Mgr Central Office1
Dir Newcomer Eng Lang Lrn Prog1
Executive Director ELL1

Staff Labor Unions (2021-22)

Labor Union
Number of Positions
Oakland Education Association8
United Administrators of Oakland Schools4
Service Employees International Union2