Legal Counsel

The Legal team represents the school district in legal matters and advises staff to ensure the district complies with laws and minimizes risk. Most of their work involves employment law and working with more than 5 labor unions that represent district employees, but Legal is also involved with litigation, facilities, finances, and student matters like reporting child abuse, discipline, and advising on student’s civil rights.

Program Overview Table (2022-23)

Amount Spent
Change in spending from previous year▼ $335,911
Change in budget from previous year▲ $525,988
Over or under budget?Under by $949,777 (30.1%)
Total Positions8
Change in total positions from previous year▼ 2
Full time equivalent (FTE)5.65
Change in FTE from previous year▼ 2

Spending By Category (2022-23)

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Restricted funds must be used for specific purposes.

Unrestricted funds are more flexible.

Staff Positions (2022-23)

Number of Positions
Staff Attorney3
Legal Asst/Law Clerk III2
Chief Governance Officer1
Legal Office Administrator1
Sr Exec Asst Superintendent1

Staff Labor Unions (2022-23)

Labor Union
Number of Positions