Office Of Equity

The Office of Equity focuses on improving systemic culture, conditions, and competencies across the district in order to provide each student with the support they need to be successful. The Office includes several targeted programs (African American Male Achievement, African American Female Excellence, Asian Pacific Islander Student Achievement, Latino/a Student Achievement, LGBTQ Programs), community engagement specialists, a translation team, and LCAP community engagement.

Program Overview Table (2020-21)

Amount Spent
Change in spending from previous year▲ $824,884
Change in budget from previous year▲ $1,486,107
Over or under budget?Under by $1,023,031 (20.1%)
Total Positions28
Change in total positions from previous year▲ 1
Full time equivalent (FTE)26.25
Change in FTE from previous year▲ 2.25

Spending By Category (2020-21)

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Restricted funds must be used for specific purposes.

Unrestricted funds are more flexible.

Staff Positions (2020-21)

Number of Positions
Teacher Structured Eng Immersn8
Spec District Family Engage5
Spec Target Stud Grp Intervent5
Administrative Assistant III1
Dir Student Achievement TS1
Dir Student and Family Engage1
Liaison Student Engagement1
Prg Mgr Local Cntrl Acct Engag1
Prog Mgr AA Female Excellence1
Research Assoc Disproportion1
Spec Family Community Engage1
Specialist, Student Engagement1
STIP Teacher1

Staff Labor Unions (2020-21)

Labor Union
Number of Positions
Service Employees International Union14
Oakland Education Association9
United Administrators of Oakland Schools5