OUSD Police Department

The program is responsible for the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors to district schools and offices. A central staff of sworn officers respond to emergency calls, investigate criminal complaints, conduct emergency management training for schools, and provide security during events. Civilian school security officers work at school sites.

Program Overview Table (2020-21)

Amount Spent
Change in spending from previous year▲ $555,647
Change in budget from previous year▲ $323,804
Over or under budget?Over by $136,112 (3.4%)
Total Positions66
Change in total positions from previous year▼ 11
Full time equivalent (FTE)66
Change in FTE from previous year▼ 11

Spending By Category (2020-21)

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Restricted funds must be used for specific purposes.

Unrestricted funds are more flexible.

Staff Positions (2020-21)

Number of Positions
School Security Officer I44
School Police Officer II7
School Security Officer II7
Police Sergeant2
Chief School Police1
School Security Officer Coordinator1
Fingerprint Technician1
Office Manager1
Emergency Preparedness Program Manager1
Security and Safety Dispatcher1

Staff Labor Unions (2020-21)

Labor Union
Number of Positions
Service Employees International Union53
California School Employees Association7
United Administrators of Oakland Schools5