Risk Management

Risk Management manages the district’s self-insurance funds and programs to minimize financial risk. Being self-insured means the district must keep money on hand in case it is needed for a variety of insurance claims like property damage, student accidents, or worker’s compensation. The district sometimes changes how this money is tracked which is why there can be large fluctuations from year to year.

Program Overview Table (2022-23)

Amount Spent
Change in spending from previous year▼ $619,973
Change in budget from previous year▲ $1,164,301
Over or under budget?Under by $4,446,519 (16.4%)
Total Positions10
Change in total positions from previous year▼ 2
Full time equivalent (FTE)8.75
Change in FTE from previous year▼ 2

Spending By Category (2022-23)

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Restricted funds must be used for specific purposes.

Unrestricted funds are more flexible.

Staff Positions (2022-23)

Number of Positions
Assist Risk Management1
Coord Disability Management1
Coordinator Leave Management1
Envirnmntl Health & Safety Mgr1
Legal Asst/Law Clerk III1
Mgr Fixed Assets & Insur Solu1
Emergency Preparedness Program Manager1
Risk Management Administrator1
Risk Management Officer1
Staff Attorney1

Staff Labor Unions (2022-23)

Labor Union
Number of Positions
United Administrators of Oakland Schools2
Service Employees International Union1